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Launch of Tar Sands in Focus

August 21, 2009

What if I told you that you didn’t have to travel very far to see a barren wasteland where a boreal forest used to be? What if I told you that our government’s idea of an economic stimulus package involves infecting indigenous people with cancer clusters and violating basic human rights? Would you feel proud to be a Canadian?

We have begun to gather information and spread our knowledge to anyone who will listen. This blog is an effort to pass this information onto you.

Our team are planning on exploring the present effects of the Tar Sands in regards to the environment, mining, climate change and the rights of First Nations people across Canada. We are a small but strong team and we are looking for change the only way we know how.

The Project will involve photographing and interviewing First Nations communities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. There will be a final presentation as a traveling photo exhibition around First Nations communities and in the rest of Canada, a book and also extensive community and online advocacy campaigning around the impact of mining on indigenous communities in Canada.

We are open to any other paths to direct action that may unfold.

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