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Are You Ready to Give Big Oil a Crude Awakening?

September 16, 2010

Tar Sands are a sign of  just how insane the quest for oil has become.  Everyday vast amounts of fresh water, and land are sacrificed in order to find a short term energy solution. Now is the time to shift gears and move away from an energy course that is devastating traditional homelands, decimating one of the world’s last remaining Great Forests and pushing us to the edge of climate chaos. The UK Tar Sands Network will be joining the Crude Awakening Crew on October 16th to send a clear message to the oil industry that their time is up! See you there!

We are demanding the immediate end of the destruction of our lands, lands that sustain our caribou and our people. It is difficult for me to express the anger I feel at the loss of this noble animal in our territory. Our traditional land is dwindling. We need habitat for our animals to ensure there is a healthy surplus. These animals sustain us and, as they die, our future becomes uncertain. We must act now to take care of Mother Earth.

Chief Al Lameman of Beaver Lake Cree Nation


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  1. September 27, 2010 2:53 pm

    The problem with the oil sands is actually the sheer size of the fossil fuel reserve.

    The amount of climate change the world experiences depends fundamentally on how much of the planet’s remaining fossil fuels we burn, and how much we leave underground.

    If we are to avoid dangerous climate change, the great majority of the coal, oil, and gas remaining need to be left underground – including in Canada’s oil sands. Moving to renewable forms of energy is not optional, since fossil fuels were always going to run out. Making that transition now, rather than later, will reduce the risks associated with climate change. It will also reduce the harm generated by the toxic air and water pollution associated with fossil fuel use.

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