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December 6, 2010

Last week, BP revealed that, against the wishes of First Nations, shareholders and environmentalists, it has decided to sanction its first Tar Sands extraction project. The ‘Sunrise- Toledo’ project will produce around 3 billion barrels of carbon-intensive oil, fuelling climate change. It will devastate the local environment, further damaging the health and livelihoods of local First Nations communities.

It is proof that BP has learned nothing from the Deepwater Horizon disaster but remains committed to a business model that disregards human health and safety, and gambles with all our futures. It is time BP was stopped. It will be another four years before the first drop of oil flows from Sunrise. We are determined that it will never get to that stage. As a first step, we are calling for a day of action against BP on Saturday 11 December. Some protests have already been planned at petrol stations around the UK. Some will have a ‘don’t kill Rudolph’ theme, reflecting the fact that the woodland caribou which live around the Sunrise project are under threat of extinction due to Tar Sands operations.

We encourage you to voice your opposition to BP loudly and clearly this Saturday!

If you plan to do something, let us know at

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