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Your chance to own a bit of BP!

December 14, 2010

Dear Reindeer-Lovers,

BP may have decided to go into the Tar Sands, but we’re not going to take it lying down. (Well, some of us might lie down on petrol station forecourts, but you know what we mean…) Last weekend saw the first spate of actions against BP’s destructive decision – report-back below. Now we’re getting organised to table a shareholder resolution and attend BP’s AGM – we’d love you to become a shareholder and get involved. Details below, get in touch if you’d like to help us crash BP’s party.

  1. Action report: BP accused of wiping out reindeer this Christmas!
  2. Stirring up BP from the inside – buy a BP share
  3. Buy some postcards, fund some art-action

Love and a long life for Rudolph and all his caribou friends,

Sue, Jess and Emily

1. Action report: BP accused of wiping out reindeer this Christmas!

On Saturday December 11th a number of People & Planet groups decided to let BP know just what they thought of the plan to go ahead with the Sunrise-Toledo project. In Edinburgh, around 20 student activists wearing reindeer antlers unfurled banners at a local petrol station. Mari Jones from the group explained:  “We are outraged that BP has decided to ignore First Nations, shareholders and environmentalists, and go into the tar sands. The Sunrise project could spell the end of the local woodland caribou herd, not to mention the impact on the climate of 3 billion barrels of oil. It’s time the people of Britain started holding this out-of-control company to account.”

Read a fuller report here:

2. Stirring up BP from the inside – buy a BP share

At our strategy meeting a couple of weeks ago, we decided to target BP around its AGM again next year. We are hoping to help table another shareholder resolution, and have more of a presence inside the AGM itself. But we need help!

Do you fancy entering the heady world of high finance and buying a BP share? We can give you everything you need to do so, and in return, you can help us co-file the resolution (we need 100 shareholders) and join a crew of people inside the AGM in April 2011. Which, we guarantee, will be a lot of fun. If so, email us at and we will give you the number of our stockbroker (!) and all the details of how to go about it. We need to move fast as the resolution needs to be tabled asap. Then, in the new year, we’ll organise a meeting about what we’re going to do around the AGM itself, for shareholders and non-shareholders alike.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the on-the-ground impacts of Tar Sands developments: Ben Powless from the Indigenous Environmental Network recently traveled to Fort McKay which is located close to the Sunrise-Toledo project to see the impacts that Tar Sands are already having on their community:

3. Buy some postcards, fund some art-action

What an amazing year it’s been for our friends at Liberate Tate, who’ve pulled off some incredibly audacious and beautiful actions to highlight the dirty world of oil industry sponsorship of the arts. Now you can help support more of such things – and get a wondrous Christmas present at the same time.

In 2010, in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster, art activists staged a dramatic series of performances in cultural institutions to protest against oil companies like BP and Shell sponsoring gallery spaces like the Tate. Gushing from floral skirts, spilling elegantly from giant white eggs, jetting from paint tubes across the floor of the iconic Tate Turbine Hall, the flood of oily resistance that followed has generated a fierce debate in the art world around oil, ethics and sponsorship. This collection of beautiful postcards, made in collaboration with PLATFORM and Art Not Oil, documents both the striking images that the performances have generated, as well as a number of choice quotes that have come out of the ensuing public debate.

Please  make a donation on the site and they will send you a collected set of the post cards. All the proceeds generated from the sale of these postcards will be used towards a participatory exhibition in a London-based arts space in 2011 that will further the campaign to liberate art institutions from the clutches of some of the most destructive multi-national companies on the planet. You can also join them on ‘End oil sponsorship of the arts’ on Facebook.

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